Danielle Fretwell

Danielle Fretwell is an emerging artist who currently resides in Western Massachusetts. She studies to receive her BFA in Studio Art, with a concentration in painting and minor in Graphic Design at Endicott College in Beverly, MA. During her semester-long stay in Florence, Italy, Danielle pursued her studies at the Florence University of The Arts. Here, she gained classical inspiration as well as a desire for contemporary abstraction. Danielle considers her artistic style to be separated into two categories: hyperrealism and abstraction. So far in her works, neither styles have been intertwined with the other. She greatly draws inspiration from hyper realistic painters Alyssa Monks and Lee Price. She believes the most impactful genre of art is the genre that evokes the emotions buried deep inside us; Indulgence, pain, lust and desire. Once Danielle has the chosen emotion for her next work, she focuses solely on aesthetics. Danielle’s desire for the aesthetically pleasing led her straight to fluid art, using epoxy resin as her medium. After discovering and studying the Australian-fluid artist Mitch Gobel, Danielle gained full inspiration and confidence to put hyperrealism on the side burner and give abstraction a try. Within her abstract works, she mimics the textures, colors, and fluidity of water and marble. With her continually evolving journey as an artist, changes will always be made as she gains a firmer grasp of both styles. After receiving her BFA from Endicott College, Danielle intends on furthering her education and earning her MFA from a well renowned graduate program. 

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.
— Rumi, Poet

What She's Achieved

  • Exhibited in numerous galleries including Hope and Feathers Art Gallery, Go Berry Northampton, and Endicott College's Student Invitational Exhibition. 
  • Participated in Art All-State 2013.
  • Collaborated with renowned Marvel  illustrator Andy Fish.
  • Interned as a graphic designer at SkyTemple.com.
  • Received Best In Show Hope and Feathers Art Gallery.
  • Placed #9 in Jerry Artarama's Self Portrait Contest 2016 (Viewers Choice Top 20.)
  • Photography published in Italy's Blending Magazine: Winter 16-17' Edition.
  • Illustrated "Lolita's Rainy Day," written by Milagros Johnson and published by amazon.com.