Exploring the possible intentions of an artist's work is essential to its purpose. 


Artist Statement

The ability for me, as an artist, to capture a moment and freeze it in time so that it can be experienced limitlessly is an unparalleled joy. This power enables me to take my unique perspective and make it accessible to everyone. So, naturally, I am drawn to hyperrealism. My primary focus is on lucid portraiture. I combine my infatuation with painting and my passion for photography in a way that is intended to push the boundaries of contemporary hyperrealism. In my hyper-realistic portraits, I focus on an extreme attention to detail in an effort to most aptly evoke alluring and powerful expression. I begin by savoring the beauty in reality. I then intensify the highlight, shadow, saturation, and textures I had experienced in order to intensify the experience of the natural world.

Hyperrealism, to me, is art with a focus intensifying and enhancing the structure of the natural world in an evocative way, while abstraction is more of an exploration of a purified sensation of freedom. With a focus on the aesthetically pleasing, I break down the rippled essence of water and marble to reimagine it into my abstract artwork. I use a medium of epoxy resin as a conduit for my expressions of abstraction. When beginning a resin piece, I study every detail in combinations of color to gain a sense of aesthetic feedback. As I begin my organized process, I spend hours researching the mixing, pouring, and tilting techniques that will help form the most impactful art. Abstraction has brought me a sense of freedom and self-expression that inspired a great deal of self-discovery. I feel as though it has not only brought me to a deeper understanding of myself, but also a deeper understanding of what direction I want my art to follow.

My work as an emerging studio artist is driven by an intense passion, which is comparable to nothing else in my life. The poet Rumi once wrote: “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” In my evolving journey as an artist, I have found that beauty itself is what drives me. My ultimate goal is to balance my styles of hyperrealism and abstraction in a way that is both unique and innovative. I want my creative vision to be an inspiration to others, as so many others have inspired me.